Our questionnaire

Take your time to answer the questions. The more detailed you explain your position the better we can advise you.

*First name:


Why change?

Please tell us your motivation behind the desired change.

Usually, the desire to reorientate on a career goes hand in hand with the fact that the applicant is not promised any changes by the current employer, such as more responsibility, different tasks, internal training opportunities, but also problems with leadership.

This question can be answered also gladly by telephone without correspondence.

What do you want?

Here, we would like to find out concretely which task or position you are looking for and what you expect from your new employer, e.g. which framework conditions are important for you.


Are you technically bound to a location or are you flexible? And which parameters have to be right for you so that you would move if necessary?

When can you start safely, how long is your cancellation period?

Due to the many occupational fields, cancellation periods can vary from two weeks to six months.


Not rarely the salary plays only a subordinate role if all other basic conditions are fulfilled. Please let us know your desired gross salary.

Where had you applied before us ?

Here, it is important for us to find out which agencies or companies already have your application.

Are you really willing to change and sign a contract with a new employer?

There are many people involved in the application process, from HR to the special field etc. In order to save time for all parties involved, it is very important to make a clear statement with Yes or No in advance.

Of course, we also discuss all the above-mentioned questions in an interview, ideally by telephone or in person.